Totally Scooped by the Bishop


The Readings for Thursday, 1st Week of Ordinary Time (B2):

If you were reading along yesterday, you may be thinking I was in a Dark Spiral of some sort, and you’d be right. I was totally going somewhere with this, but I hadn’t noticed that this is also a story we’re getting for the first reading on Sunday. So, this AM: in my morning Podcasts, I totally got scooped by Bishop Robert Barron in his weekly Homily podcast.

I’m totally ok with that. Go listen. 

In defense of my intentions: where Bishop Barron was talking about the abuse scandal, I was talking about a cadre of clergy and lay instructors who seem to want us to change our teachings on Sex, Sexuality, Marriage, Divorce, and even Birth Control… it totally still applies. I don’t feel qualified to talk about that other topic, but this one I’m ok with.