Brief thought on Elijah: Pick.

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The Readings for St Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church 
Wednesday in the 10th Week of Ordinary Time (B2)

Usquequo claudicatis in duas partes? Si Dominus est Deus, sequimini eum : si autem Baal, sequimini illum. 
How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Ba’al, then follow him. 

This story… I’m quite convinced the “fire of God descending” was more of a TZzztztztzzzztztzztzttztzztzt CHUSHPOW lightening flash and explosion. The fire even lapped up the water. And the part the reading skips, “Seize the prophets of Baal. Let none of them escape!” They seized them, and Elijah brought them down to the Wadi Kishon and there he slaughtered them.” Ba’al simply means “lord”. It is, really, the non-Hebrew word for “El”.  Notice it’s kind of the same sounds.  

Elijah challenges us to pick: who is Lord. Mindful that you can only serve one lord, and, as Mr Dillon said, “you’ve got to serve somebody”. Elijah asks us to pick.


St Mary of Egypt fought against all the lords of her life for 40 years. I’ve only just begun. Not only do I have to pick (I’ve picked already, thank you) I have to kill off all the parts of me that are prophets for the others.

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Author: Huw Raphael

A Dominican Tertiary living in San Francisco, CA. He is almost 59. He feeds the homeless as a parochial almoner and is studying to be a Roman Catholic Deacon. He is learning modern Israeli Hebrew and enjoys cooking, keto, cats, long urban hikes, and SF Beer Week.

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