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An outline of the previous 6 “Kerygma” posts, typos and all.


Just want to drop a post and make sure we’re all on the same page. There have been 6 posts so far in this discussion, typos and all, so it seemed a good idea to go over the main points and make sure we’re were all still together. We’re walking people, we’re walking…

  1. In the first post, I said that “Why are you (me) doing this church stuff?” could only be answered by first understanding what “this church stuff” was; then
    1. I asked you to accept as a given that there was a God and he loves us. I acknowledged, also, that the entire process falls apart if that could be proved as untrue; then
    2. I suggested that if those two points were true that God would want us to find him; and
    3. I pointed out that there is a huge overlap in all world religions, even though there were some serious departures.
    4. I named this overlap the “Golden Road” or what CS Lewis called the Tao.
  2. In the second post we discussed why there were huge departures from the Tao.
    1. After exploring the idea that no one actually believes in science, I used this as the main example of my real point:
    2. No one accepts any authority over them. “You are not my supervisor” is the main credo of our culture. As a result
    3. The Tao gets broken up, divided, and obscured by everyone wanting to “do their own thing. I continued this, then
  3. In the third post pointing out how easy it is for us to see others falling off the Tao
    1. Inviting you to be honest about the ways you fall off it yourself.
  4. In the fourth post, which might be called #3-Part II, I noted that we can’t get to following the Golden Road by “following our bliss”.
    1. I said any sense that someone might “lie” was a recognition of this fact
  5. In the fifth post we thought about all the ways we imagine or project or find “Order” in the world.
    1. The Cry “that’s not fair”, the quest for Astrology, Psychological types, etc, all indicate a quest for (or a projection of) order in the world
    2. This would coincide with what biblical and later writers say, “The Law of God is written in everyone’s heart.
    3. This quest means one of three things.
      1. There is no order and the quest is futile
      2. There is only the order that we project on the world (we make it up)
      3. There is order and that implies a designer
    4. I mentioned that I had lived out options (i) and (ii) and that should the world prove to be either of those things the reader would be unable to prove to me why, objectively, Stalin’s Russia was any better than Obama’s America.
      1. I did not invoke Godwin’s law
        1. I did say that any attempt to prove the dictators of the 20th Century were wrong was an appeal to a non-projected order, option (iii)
  6. Finally, in the sixth post, I discussed the idea of the left- and right-hand paths, suggesting
    1. Neither is any better than the other because
      1. Both implied that you picked; and
      2. Both were just as good. (These are just other forms of 5.C.i and 5.C.ii above.)
      3. They begin with “I wanna”
    2. I suggested the Path, the Golden Road, the Tao – itself – calls us forward.
    3. The only way to follow the Golden Road and to say on it is to follow someone in front of us, to stay in their footsteps.
    4. We can tell when we’ve veered off to the left or the right of the Tao
    5. We have to make the choice to follow, but we must follow (we can’t forge ahead alone).
    6. The Tao means “the way”; and
    7. The Way is also a title Jesus used for himself

I have still left as undiscussed the idea that God exists and that he loves us. I still acknowledge that without that the rest of this falls apart. At this point, I need you to continue to take that as a given.

Future posts will discuss if Jesus is a good exemplar of the Tao, in light of what he said about himself. Finally, we will ask what now.

Author: Huw Raphael

A Dominican Tertiary living in San Francisco, CA. He is almost 59. He feeds the homeless as a parochial almoner and is studying to be a Roman Catholic Deacon. He is learning modern Israeli Hebrew and enjoys cooking, keto, cats, long urban hikes, and SF Beer Week.

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