A New Project

WHEREIN I try blogging in another language. The tagline says “Now I can make typos in two languages.” It’s very simple sentences and I do use Google Translate to check myself – and for more complex constructions. I don’t promise much by way of exciting content. But I hope to be able to get better at it. Here’s a couple of unsolicited adverts.

I’m learning Hebrew using Citizen Cafe Tel Aviv and iTalki. My iTalki Tutor is Shmuel. He’s awesome.

I just adore weather…

AND WE’RE HAVING so much of it this year. We don’t get sleet or hail here very often and, since I got here in 1997, I’ve never seen it accumulate. We’re having thunder and lightening. I’ve only heard the former 4 times since 1997. I’ve never seen the latter at all. And a few moments ago all our cellphones went off with a klaxon and then a verbal warning of flash floods “in this area”. That was just before the skies opened up. Very fun.

St Medard, pray for us!

Actually, it is very fun: I love storms with a passion. The Cantor this AM picked the following hymn with which to open the Morning Service. I caught the pastor’s eye and we laughed.

We’ve been in a real drought since 2000… this is wonderful. Nothing is perfect. But this is wonderful.

Christ is Born!

JUST home from celebrating the Vesporal Liturgy of St Basil, marking the Eve of the Nativity on the Julian Calendar, aka Russian Christmas. Two and a half hours of Liturgy and then wine, borscht, pirogis, stuffed cabbage, and more wine. Nerdy conversation ensued. Hell, St Faustina, Seraphim Rose, St Augustine…

There were Dominicans and Jesuits in the congregation, praying together – internet jokes aside. Parishioners from the ByzCath parish, together with more than a few visitors, created a joyful crowd. The choir was lovely, the readers were kept busy with 16+ readings, and the incense is filling my beard.

The celebrant (in the hat with his back to us in the photo), Fr Christopher, is the Godson of my old Episcopal Pastor. Everything is all present here. The church is a big tent. God is good, all the time.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!