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Solomon, Boxcar Willie, & Gran’pa

✙ JMJ The Readings for Thursday, 4th Week of Ordinary Time (B2) I Kings 2:1-4, 10-12  Mark 6:7-13 ἰσχύσεις καὶ ἔσῃ εἰς ἄνδραconfortare, et esto virוְחָזַקְתָּ֖ וְהָיִ֥יתָֽ לְאִֽיש Take Courage and show yourself a man.This is one of those places … Continue reading

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Similam Frixam Oleo!

✙ JMJ  The Readings for Tuesday, 3rd Week of Ordinary Time (B2):  II Samuel 6:12B-15, 17-19  Mark 3:31-35 Ecce mater mea et fratres mei.Behold my mother and my brethren. My Freshman year in College, I won a preaching award with this … Continue reading

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