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You’re Not From Jerusalem, Are You?

+JMJ+ When I moved here in 1997, I was told that I would have to have been here for 6 months before anyone would believe I was staying. Until I hit six months, even with a job, I was just … Continue reading

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Stanley & Becoming a (Lay) Dominican (Tertiary)

+JMJ+I’m too old. Roman Catholic orders want young men. They all seem to max out at guys 15 years younger than me. Some don’t want guys more than 20 years younger than me. This is a sad reality for me. … Continue reading

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Pie in the Sky By and By When You Die

Today’s readings: Colossians 3:1-11 Luke 6:20-26 Beati pauperes, quia vestrum est regnum Dei. Blessed are you who are poor, for the Kingdom of God is yours. Luke 6:20b It seems entirely possible to read this and other passages as if … Continue reading

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Seven Storey Mountain – reading along

At the tweeted suggestion of Steve, aka Steve the Missionary, as part of my post-RCIA Catechesis (Adult Reading for the Catholic N00b) I’ve been reading Thomas Merton’s Seven Storey Mountain: An Autobiography of Faith (from which edition all the page numbers are … Continue reading

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If Found: Send me Back to Barbary Lane

Sometimes there’s a sort of frisson around SF, that I belong here, that this is home in ways I can’t explain, that – as Anna Madrigal says to Mary Ann, “You’re one of us.”  She means Atlantean because it was a … Continue reading

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The Dream

I was sitting in the second seat on a bus taking notes. Someone was in the first seat. The bus was stopped in a parking lot. The driver got off the bus and the buss started to roll forward. I … Continue reading

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The Orthodox Western Rite in San Francisco

I’m a member of the OCA. We don’t have a Western Rite. In point of fact, we’ve been kinda opposed to it.  But I love it.  I’m so pleased with it that were a parish to form in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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