Launching on Patreon

Take a look at my Patreon page, please. Go take a look. I’ve decided to see what we can do with this blog.

A little history: I’ve been blogging since 1998 (although the earliest Archive capture is Januray of 1999). And, if by “blog” you mean an electronic journal that gets shared with friends, really, I started blogging via a little ezine with the other Xer ministry folks at 815 Second Avenue in 1994. So: that’s 24 years of blogging come October of this year.

There’s written poetry, Bible studies, meditations, personal reflections, rants, theological ruminations, and other things. I video (rarely) and I podcast (a few times in recent years) mostly with my buddy, Drew. You know my topics: my spiritual journey, sexuality, community, theology, and sundry geekery.

In that time, although I’ve published countless words in a whole lot of formats –  Mr James F. (as he then was) said you could see the blog move – I’ve earned exactly $250 as a result of blogging. (That was the article that got published in Touchstone.) I’ve had a few poems published in other places, but never been paid for them.

On the whole, this has been a labor of love, therapy, and ego (to be honest).  Yet, according to my stats, in the month of April I had 6,000 views. I hover around 4k most of the time, now.

So I’ve decided to try and go semi-pro. If you haven’t yet, go take a look at my Patreon page, please.

I will continue to blog here and it will continue to be free. It will post on my FB and on my Twitter and over on Google plus (as long as that survives) for free. And I hope people will consider sharing.

But if 4,000 page views represent between 50 and 100 folks (to start) and y’all want to pledge, we can get this thing off the ground! They say that goals are important so, while they are on my Patreon, here they are as well.

  • $100 a month: I’m going to get a better office arrangement to make my writing easier/less annoying on my back and my fundament. I’m going to relaunch the podcast.
  • $300 a month: I want to get a decent video camera and podcast recording mic. Guest interviews!
  • $500 a month: I’m going to take Biblical Hebrew and Greek courses to improve my grasp of those languages. I will also get a tutor in those languages, and I’ve always wanted to be an ASL translator.
  • $750 a month: This is a stretch right now, but, if we get there and hold it for 6 months I want to drop my workload down to 3/4 or time to write. I have two books nearly done and they need editing and focus to complete.
  • $1,500 a month or more: If we get this far, and hold it for 6 months, the blog is becoming a roadshow. I promise a Lent in Rome with full social media coverage: Station Churches, Pilgrimage, live feeds from the Eternal City.
  • $2,000 a month, if we get here, you’ll make my work half time. And I’ll be able to write and produce most-time. Constantinople. Jerusalem. And where I go you’ll be coming along via blogging, videoing, podcasting, and photography. Above this (and gosh, you really like me!) I’ll have to work out other goals.

There are pledging tiers as well. Please note: all pledging is recurring membership. There’s a charge every month on the first. AND refund go through me – not through Patreon’s Community Happiness team. So, if you need some money back, reach out to me.

Membership has it’s benefits, though:

  • $3 Nice and Nicean I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this possible. You’ll enjoy the free blogposts and patronage also allows you to post in the online community hosted by Patreon.
  • $5 Absolutely Apostolic You’re helping me get the word out. Patron-only posts (of longer essays) will be posted here for your enjoyment and discussion with other readers. You’ll also get access to Discord for discussions.

  • $25 Awesomely Athanasian In addition to the patron only posts mentioned in the earlier tier, there will be a monthly, patron-only Google Hangout with group discussion of recent readings. Think of this as a group Lectio Divina. Participation at this level for at least six months will result in a free, autographed copy of any book I get published. (Each 6 months = one book.)
  • $100 Collegiately Cardinal (Limit of 12) In addition to the content offers above, and, after the first quarter of pledging and participation in the community you will be invited to host your own discord channel and Google Hangout Lectio group chats.

Additionally everyone who pledges will be mentioned on the thank you pages of any book. Higher pledges get better billing though.

Take a look at my Patreon page, please. Go take a look. I’ve decided to see what we can do with this blog.